SMT Assembly, SMT technology services


With highly skilled SMT operators and a quality system that is constantly being refined and improved, Invision are the solution for all your Surface Mount Technology requirements. We offer high quality SMT machine loading with dedicated leaded and lead free vapour phase reflow ovens. We are also able to provide extremely high quality and reliable SMT Hand Soldering for those tricky prototypes or small batch builds.


SMT assembly service - Vapour phase reflow oven


Printed Circuit Boards

We can source your Printed Circuit Boards and Stencils. Provide us with your Protel/Altium/Gerber files for a free quote today. We can supply single layer, double layer and multi-layer printed circuit boards in a range of finishes. HASL (Hot Air Solder Levelling) in leaded or lead free, Gold Immersion and silver Immersion.


All stencils we provide are designed for optimal performance with stencil thickness and hole reductions individually specified to suit board types and layouts.


SMT Inspection

Here at Invision we inspect 100% of the Boards we load. Our trained QA staff use a range of Inspection tools, including; Magnifying lamps, Mantis's, a Magnus HD and an Automated Optical Inspection Machine. All boards are inspected to IPC-A-610 standards. All SMT reworks, repairs and mods are carried out to IPC-A-610 standards as well.


Please take some time to view our SMT machine capabilities below. If you have any questions about our products and services or would like a free quote, please contact us.


Surface Mount Technology SMT Assembly



- Single and double sided SMT loading.

- Maximum pcb size: 430mm x 360mm.

- Glue dot printing/placement.

- Vapor Phase reflow ovens. Dedicated leaded and lead free reflow ovens. Vapor phase systems
   provide the most superior soldering finish and eliminate the risk of overheating the pcb and the
   components with set temperature of 200C for leaded and 230C for lead free.

- Vision screen printing.

- Vision placement of latest technology packages: BGA, QFN, DFN.

- Placing components down to 0402 size.

- Leaded or lead free manufacturing.