PCB assembly - printed circuit boards


At Invision Electronic Solutions we specialize in high quality PCB Assembly and electronic assembly. Our diverse team of highly trained PCB Assemblers are equipped to handle a large variety of electronic products. With varying levels of complexity from low volume, low complexity products to high volume high complexity products. We offer a full range of services which include; sourcing components and PCB's, SMT Assembly, T-H assembly, conformal coating, Final Assembly, testing, modifying and prototype assembly.


At Invision, our main focus has always been to manufacture the highest quality and most reliable Australian made electronic products.


Please take some time to view our capabilities below. If you have any questions about our products and services or would like a free quote, please  contact us.



- SMT Assembly.

- Single and double sided SMT loading.

- Maximum pcb size: 430mm x 360mm.

- Glue dot printing/placement.

- Vapor Phase reflow ovens. Dedicated leaded and lead free reflow ovens. Vapor phase systems

   provide the most superior soldering finish and eliminate the risk of overheating the pcb and the

   components with set temperature of 200C for leaded and 230C for lead free.

- Vision screen printing.

- Vision placement of latest technology packages: BGA, QFN, DFN.

- Placing components down to 0402 size.

- Leaded or lead free manufacturing.



- Component forming and loading.

- Dedicated leaded and lead free wave soldering machines.

- Printed circuit board de-panelling.

- Printed circuit board cleaning.

- Printed circuit board Conformal coating.

- Leaded or lead free manufacturing.



- Fully functional testing capability using customer supplied test jigs, fixtures and procedures.

- Firmware loading onto assembled pcb's.

- Basic power up/current draw testing.



- Automated optical inspection using our SAKI BF Voyager (SMT Inspection only) which checks for

  missing components, incorrect components, bridging, tombstoning, component markings, polarity

  and solder joints. Inspects to a 18um resolution.

- HD Magnus inspection (up to x40 magnification).

- Mantis inspection (up to x10 magnification).



- Fitting completed printed circuit boards into housing.

- Mechanical assembly.

- Fitting decals, LCD's Keypads.


We understand that when a customer receives their product they need it to work first time. That's why at Invision our highly trained operators perform quality checks at every stage of manufacturing to ensure the manufacturing process is done correctly first time and every time.